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This collection of open source, starter Bootstrap themes work nicely as a base, "vanilla" template on which to build your responsive site. These themes make use of Bootstrap's powerful grid, but don't have a lot of extra custom CSS to clutter your design. These are also great learning examples if you're just getting started with Bootstrap. You'll find various layouts and elements such as sidebars, navs, multiple columns, cards, posts and lists.

Image for Fixed Width

Bootstrap out-of-the-box uses a fluid or percentage-based container...

Image for Sidebar

This is a popular 2 column template for Bootstrap 3 that includes..

Image for Sign In

A simple login / sign-in page using the Bootstrap 3 modal. This example..

Image for Slider

A Bootstrap carousel example with full width images, overlay navbar..

Image for Sticky Footer

A simple Bootstrap template with a sticky footer that always stays..

Image for Dashboard

This admin template for Bootstrap features a variety of tabular, form,..

Image for Complex Navbar

This Bootstrap layout will show you how to create a fixed top navbar..

Image for Blog

A simple starter for a blog or article list. This template also features..

Image for Basis Theme

A fresh, minimalist design that features a fixed left panel, and scrolling..

Image for Basic

Looking for a basic vanilla starter template for Bootstrap? This is..

Image for App Theme

100% width app style template for Bootstrap. The content area and..

Image for Affix Sidebar

Similar to the Bootstrap documentation, this template features a left-side..

Image for Admin

This is a starter template for a admin, control panel or dashboard...

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