The Bootstrap 4 Web Builder That Makes Building Beautiful Sites Easy

Computers aid in achieving goals, fixing issues, accomplishing tasks which required multiple tools with just one – your computer or laptop. Typewriters get pushed away, calculators too get replaced by handy applications which help us to achieve everyday tasks like typing a document or keeping track of the expenses – all regular tasks required for everyday life. Since the internet becomes an essential part of our lives, it was inevitable an easy and approachable tool for web page creation would appear. Thanks to the latest application to power the bootstrap 4 framework, Mobirise Mobile Web Builder claims to be able to give the regular folk (with normal office applications skills) the ability to create a Bootstrap 4 powered site and even host it securely in a day – with almost no learning curve and easy as making a pie – for FREE! Sounds almost far too good to be true right? Could this really be possible? Creating a good looking responsive web site with no coding skills and without painful hours spent in figuring out the interface? Well this is what we’re here to discover, so read on.

Getting it

The application gets easily accessed for downloading from the main Mobirise site and comes in versions for both Windows and iOS. The website itself is dedicated to giving the first time visitor a fact glance over the basic features and has a cool clip and multiple screenshots to get the beginners started. One of the links at the top leads to a forum where it look like a Mobirise Builder users community has already been formed. The application is rather small – less than 50MB and the installation process takes no more than four or five minutes followed by a quick email registration routine. Overall download and setup time – less than 10 minutes


The interface is extremely simple and indeed intuitive as claimed. Most of the space in the application window is left free for displaying the results in real time as you build with convenient switches for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile view. These along with the Preview and Publish buttons are actually the only one controls being seen at all time on screen – everything else is comfortably hidden in fly out and pop-up panels to be used only when needed.


A big red plus button brings out a well-equipped palette of predefined blocks the user just drags and drops wherever needed in the project with the option of reordering them with just dragging afterwards. Each block has its own set of options making the blocks very flexible – one block can achieve multiple different appearances.


Another button bring out a control panel for some of the general site options like Captions and text fonts and color palette – quite convenient for experiments with the overall appearance. Everything else – like general site, page and application setting – things not constantly needed in the design workflow gets comfortably hidden in a hamburger menu to appear only when needed.


While the application loads, a hand drawn arrow points to the blocks palette button breaking to help guide the first timers in the right direction. Guided naturally by the greatest power – the human curiosity – you begin to start drawing blocks out. Editing each block is really intuitive due to the built in office style Inline editor and the contextual pop-ups. Adding text simply requires you to click any area of the page you want it located, and clicking over an image brings out a dialog box where you can choose images located either from a vast online gallery or the local hard drive. Any image inserted gets automatically scaled to fit the space available, very useful if you don't have time to edit or scale images manually with programs like photoshop. There is also an image resampling feature for better web site performance.



All of the main Bootstrap 4 elements needed for a rich and appealing responsive web site are included. Multilevel collapsing navbar, auto resizing full screen intros, carousels, cards, testimonials and many more features are well styled and waiting to be dropped in the site project as a part of the free and commercial versions. The options provided for each block are just enough for the user to add his/her own view and personality. Each block can be used as many times needed and the main site elements like the navbar and footer are universal for all pages – quite convenient if you decide to add a link or change its destination. Another great feature is the built-in GitHub integration and free SSL certificate that comes with the software, allowing you to properly secure your website if you're building it for ecommerce purposes. Uploading to GitHub is one of the available publishing options and since not everybody should know what GitHub is there is a direct link for creating an account and a great user friendly tutorial in the Mobirise site help section – looking like a great solution for projects in progress or users still figuring out which hosting service will work best for them.


Best web tool s for designers and developers

Mobirise Builder is easy as baking a cake for the regular folk but it also gets the love and appreciation by graphic designers and developers. For the designers it provide a fast and effective solution to harness the skills they already possess into creating beautiful web documents, while the easy construction process provides developers a swift solution for building a page’s structure, and later refine it when needed. So its no surprise that Mobirise's impressive combination of simplicity and powerful application gains more and more popularity each day. You can download Mobirise for free here.

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