The age old phrase “why reinvent the wheel when you can just perfect it” is applicable in the web design community. Why create a site from scratch when you can find a structurally sound framework from a Bootstrap template and save yourself the time, effort and money. There are thousands of free bootstrap templates available on the internet and many that are found here at that could fit your needs along with many premium templates that provide even more features, textures and perhaps a better user experience. These templates offer a variety of savings to site developers and businesses highlighted below.


  • Strong framework - Framework is critical for website design and the internet is full of VERY strong programmers releasing very well designed templates for the world to enjoy daily. These skilled programmers working on Bootstrap, wordpress and other templates have paid close attention to the details to differentiate their templates from others. Using their templates built on a strong framework of your choice gives you a jump-start on your site design.

  • Completely customizable - When selecting a template for your needs, keep in mind EVERYTHING is customizable. If you’re buying a template or selecting a free one, you can alter anything and everything about the template you selected. Changing a template can take something that is close to your vision and turn it into your dream site.

  • Endless options available - We may sound like a broken record when we repeat the fact that there are thousands of great templates available with endless amounts of options for your site or next project. You may spend time finding the right framework you want to use, but once you do it is easy to narrow your search to find the template that fits your build.

  • Takes the project to 80% out of the gate - After you find the template for your next project, now the fun begins. Tweaking and changing the templates to be your site and product is a fun time for us at Getting our site to “80%” may have taken a couple hours, but now we look at how we want to customize our site to elevate it further than the template designer could have envisioned.

  • Time to work on other items - The single most important reason for using a template is it will free up your time to focus on other things. Starting a new site or product is a huge undertaking with many items on the To-Do list resulting in most developers and web-entrepreneurs getting overwhelmed during the process and losing track of why they started down the path of creating the site or product.


The biggest take-away we can give you about why to use a Bootstrap template is the time and cost savings. Like all business decisions, how can the task of website design be done better, cheaper and with less time commitment? The answer is simple a Template that fits your design, business case and technical featureset of your requirements. Searching for the right template is an important task which may take time, but not as much time as it would take to recreate that wheel!

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