What includes ONE by TemplateMonster? Full review

I think everyone has heard already about revolutionary subscription service — ONE. If you still haven’t heard about it, I can tell you. ONE is a great solution for building websites and more. It has many components such as lots of themes for different CMS, plugins, templates and design elements for all tastes. It will be no problem for you to find a ready-made theme or a useful plugin. Because the most pleasant in this service is a price. You pay less than $20 in a month and get unlimited access to over 8000 items. TemplateMonster’s team has thought about everything creating this service. So, ONE is suitable and easy-to-use even for beginners who want to try to create a website on their own. Of course, there is no need to mention that ONE is a really great deal for web designers. They can save lots of money by using resources from this service. Every single item is checking by quality control before it will be added to the ONE.

In a nutshell, if you get an annual plan, you can forget about throwing money away. All you need is to create, experiment, download the unlimited number of times and try again till you find it perfect for you. Besides, if you become a partner, you will regularly receive new templates, themes, plugins, etc.

Let’s have a more detailed look.

Table of a content

  1. What license conditions does ONE offer?
  2. How much it costs?
  3. Is there any support team?
  4. New functionality just around the corner
  5. Let’s see more detailed what items can we get with ONE

What license conditions does ONE offer?

Working with files, it is always important to have a license. First of all, because it is a guarantee of the quality of the services that you buy. After you get access to subscription service ONE, you will have an unlimited license for one year.

What it gives you:

  • from the day your purchase, you can download and install items from the system as many as you wish.
  • you can create projects without limit for you and your clients.
  • all items are supported the whole year.
  • after expiring your subscription license, you will have access only to the end products, but you can always renew your subscription and have access to your items at the library again.

How much it costs?

Once you purchase a subscription, you will gain access to the unlimited amount of items. At this moment ONE includes:

  • 1048 WordPress themes;
  • 41 great plugins;
  • 3198 different Graphic elements;
  • 2148 E-commerce themes;
  • 1064 HTML templates;
  • 14 Presentation templates;
  • 1465 templates for other CMS as Joomla, WooCommerce, Elementor and so on.

Don’t forget that the database will be updated weekly to make access as close to real time as possible. So, you can always have the possibility to work with new and modern premium items.

The full amount of $229 maybe seems too big, but it is only $19 a month. And this is the price for all these premium templates, themes, and plugins. Great products for such price, it may sound hilarious and unbelievable at the same time, is in it?

Do you have some questions? - Ask any time the support team.

Are you not sure that subscription is right for you? - Don’t worry. The TemplateMonster guarantees to return your money back within fourteen days since the date of your unsubscription.

ONE offers you such popular and secure methods of payment as:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • and Paypal.

Secure payments are processed in a Level 1 PCI. It means that it allows processing of more than 6 million transactions per year.

In a nutshell, companies which are selling goods or services over the Internet are certified for compliance with PCI DSS requirements for a number of reasons. For example, companies are afraid of losing part of their payments when this is done by moving from the basket to a separate payment page or when companies are just worried about their image.

Is there any support team?

Of course, ONE provides you professional support on a 24-hour basis. TemplateMonster is famous for its efficient and friendly support. This time you will get help for every item at the ONE. This is a revolutionary approach for such a subscription service. Usually, such services don’t have support at all or they work at a certain time and for specified products. Here ONE provides support for ALL items. So, if you have some questions, you will get help fast and easy.

You can contact with operators at the online pre-sales chat quickly at any time you need.

Also, you can get discount up to 50% for exclusive products from the TemplateMonster. For example, for some theme of the 2019’s best premium business themes for WordPress list.

To sum up, the ONE was created for people who want to get everything at once. In addition to products for creating a website, you will spare your time and save your money. As you know, finding the right product takes lots of time and sometimes a bit of money. Besides, thanks to ONE you can work with premium products which are already popular among many web designers and regular website/blog owners.

New functionality just around the corner

Progress doesn’t stand still. TemplateMonster wants to give its users the maximum of new technologies. That is why team ONE is going to provide new services soon to help its subscribers to get your websites to the new level.

What are we going to acquire:

  • Hosting service. If you are looking for a new hosting or need some help with it, the team will help you.
  • Assisting at installation. There will be no problem for you anymore at installing some templates or plugins.
  • Search engine optimization. Every popular website has it, and you will have it too.
  • Other powerful extra services at improving your work possibilities. If you are a subscriber already, you will know about new features in the first place.

Let’s see more detailed what items can we get with ONE

If we have a look on the website, we will see that all items are divided into different categories. Such a system improves and facilitates a search of a necessary product for every user. On the left sidebar, we can find three main categories such as types, specials, and topics. This is really easy to understand and comfortable to work with even for a beginner. The are tons of varied topics for any taste. For example, for food bloggers or photographers.

Next three sections at the category of specials can draw your attention and become the right choice.

Top downloads section shows you what popular choices have made users already.

Newest section helps you to stay tuned of something new at the system.

Featured section underlines special products.

WordPress themes

Before you choose a theme to work with you may need to know some tips.

So here are 3 important rules for finding a good theme to help you make the right choice.

What is responsive design? This is when the site is convenient to view on any device, from a large TV to a mobile device with a small screen. In this case, you have one site, but it does not just shrink when the screen is small, but also adjusts for the convenience of your users.

Sometimes people choose to use a separate mobile version of the website, but this is not the right thing. This means that you have two templates at once, one for large screens and the other for mobile devices. Moreover, it is necessary to customize and edit templates individually, and it is more difficult to promote such a site.

Different frameworks, specifications, structure methods, and other features are used for creating templates, but you don’t have to understand this.

The most important thing is that the template should have the HTML5 and CSS3. These are the most recent languages for markup and style.

For example, the Bootstrap platform is often used for adaptive templates.

For each theme should be attached instructions for installation, configuration, and detailed description. It describes plugins, widgets and additional functions that are already included in the theme. If you need built-in comments, rating, multilingual feature, the possibility of booking and other settings, then try to choose a template that already has everything you need.

  1. Choose only responsive website themes
  2. Pay attention to web technologies
  3. See the description of the theme

All themes at ONE follow these rules and designed for different topics.

The most popular WordPress categories are:

  • Business and services;
  • Society and people;
  • Fashion and beauty;
  • Sports, travel and so on.

Many of them are designed for e-commerce. If they are not, it is not a problem to fix it by adding some e-commerce plugin.

Here is the list of popular WordPress themes for you:

  1. BuildWall – Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  2. JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme
  3. BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme
  4. Chantalle - Multipurpose Woman Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme
  5. Imperion – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Elementor templates

Elementor is a handy page builder for WordPress. There is no need to switch between the backend and the frontend to see the changes on the site, everything happens in real time. Of course, the builder works with responsive pages of the site, which can also be easily edited using any mobile device.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme is the number one Elementor theme with wonderful functionality and with limitless possibilities. The theme is different from the template. This theme includes a specific set of templates and is responsible for the appearance of the site and content. All of this allows you to add additional functionality and tools for even more convenient work on customizing the project. Elementor WordPress themes, as well as templates from TemplateMonster, have lifelong technical support.

At the ONE service, you can find more than hundred Elementor templates for any topic. Most of all there are Elementor templates for business and services.

ONE for E-commerce

ONE presents over two thousand e-commerce themes. Before you download a theme, you should choose the CMS. Then you can look for all the options for templates. It is important to understand that all existing options are written for specific site content management systems. ONE allows you to download without limit premium themes for your future online shop.

If you are just starting this business from scratch, this system will be perfect for you. Also, it is much cheaper than, if you order it from some web design agency.

The most important task for you is to start earning money as soon as possible.

And what is important for the client?

• it is easy to find goods in your store;
• easy to deal with filters to view analogs and related categories;
• obtain useful product information;
• see the cost and understand the conditions of purchase;
• it is convenient to compare several options;
• your client can quickly understand how to make payment at your website.

To make the right choice, pay attention to the topics at the sidebar to find the best choice for selling products at your niche.

What kind of themes will you have access to?

The most popular theme is Nextprest furniture store.

The most popular theme is SweetFun - Minimalistic Sweets Online Store.

The most popular theme is Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store.

The most popular theme is Electronics VirtueMart Template

The most popular theme is Magetique multipurpose Magento theme.

The most popular theme is Woostroid2 - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme.

  1. PrestaShop themes - This CMS is open source, which, is actively used in the development of online stores of different levels due to its flexibility. At the moment, the creators of PrestaShop have integrated into the system more than 300 functions for solving various business problems. PrestaShop promises high-speed load even with a large catalog of thousands of products. Also, it has the ability to scale from a small online store to a large online supermarket.
  2. OpenCart themes - It is one of the easiest CMS to manage online stores, which enjoys high popularity. The main reason for this is the ease of mastering the admin panel and the ease of adding and managing goods. OpenCart is perfect for small online shops.
  3. Shopify themes - This is the most suitable option for beginners. So if you do not have experience in Internet technologies, if you do not know anything about hosting, configuration, installation, etc., this is the most suitable option for you.
    It is more suitable for small online stores. You will not be able to sell thousands and thousands of products through your Shopify store. If this is your case, consider Shopify.
  4. VirtueMart templates - VirtueMart is a special standalone application based on PHP code, it was the first e-commerce component created for the Joomla management system to build a full-fledged online store. VirtueMart is easy to use and install, therefore it is a very popular extension that many forums and websites for beginners are devoted to. The component supports an unlimited number of products, the number of currencies for a single product, allows you to have different prices for one product, assign goods to many categories, the ability to sell a digital product for download, and provides the ability to use different payment systems, as well as use VirtueMart in catalog mode.
  5. Magento themes - One of the most popular CMS for online stores in the United States and other Western markets. One of the key advantages of Magento is a large number of templates that can be used, plug-ins and other extensions that greatly simplify the addition of new functionality. This platform is developed with great functionality and extensive customization.
  6. Woocommerce themes - This can be any WordPress theme with Woocommerce plugin. The application helps to create, modify and expand the online store in accordance with personal preferences, without setting a rigid framework. Included with it, the developer gets a lot of useful features that contribute to active sales. Such themes are SEO-friendly, easy to install, easy-to-use, and multilingual.

Presentation templates

At the moment ONE offers you 14 templates. They are mostly for such topics as restaurants, business, and services. But I already mentioned, that ONE guarantees to keep on delighting its subscribers with some new products regularly.

If you also have to make presentations frequently, and at the same time you want to stand out against the general background, but do not possess sufficient skills to create your own presentation design — presentation templates from ONE will be very useful to you.

They are easy to edit, adapting to your content. Most sets include font, graphics, tables, icons, and maps. You can choose exactly what you need, and save valuable time.

The best PowerPoint templates are full of advanced infographic options. They are fully equipped with features to make a presentation at a professional level.

Simply add your numbers and information to these spectacular slides, prep your slide deck, and light your audience!

HTML templates

ONE has lots of ready-made solutions for websites created by experts. TemplateMonster team offers you not only various design styles and patterns but also guarantees the high quality of all products.

Moreover, any HTML website template that you like has 24/7 technical support, is very easy to configure and can be adapted to any web project. HTML website templates can be used for websites of various subjects and directions. All HTML themes are fully responsive.

A website created in HTML is almost impossible to hack. HTML sites compared to CMS systems load much faster. This is due to the small size of the pages on the server and to the fact that there is no need to access the MySQL database.

Also, the HTML theme practically does not need to be serviced. After the start of your site, you will not need to install updates or be saved regularly. If there are no changes, you can back up the site once and forget about it.

At ONE you can find more than 1000 HTML templates for:

  • resume,
  • landing pages,
  • newsletter,
  • and other websites ( there are even 30 templates in Russian).

The most popular HTML templates with great feedbacks are:

  1. Intense - Startup Company Mobile App with Built-In Novi Builder Landing Page Template
  2. Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template
  3. DreamSoft - Software Development Company Multipage Website Template


ONE subscription service was presented only a month ago and it has already 3000+ graphic elements. They will always be in demand for designers. As ONE promises us to give regularly refreshing of the file storage, it will be a great tool for every designer.

At the moment you can get:

  • More than 3000 PSD templates;
  • 100+ after effects intros;
  • Logo templates;
  • Illustrations;
  • Items for Social media like Instagram;
  • Ready business card designs;
  • Flyers and other business elements.


And the last category on our list is Plugins. Every modern website needs these magic tools.

There are lots of PrestaShop modules to make your website only better such as:

  • Security pack;
  • 1-click order addon;
  • Advanced filter;
  • Google maps;
  • Products slider and other great add-ons, which will help you to create eye-catching pages on your website.

And, of course, lots of plugins for the most popular CMS - Wordpress.

ONE includes:

  • JetBlog;
  • JetMenu;
  • JetElements;
  • JetReviews;
  • JetParallax;
  • JetTabs;
  • JetWoobuilder;
  • JetTricks;
  • JetBlocks;
  • JetEngine.

All these plugins will help you to improve the content and design of every theme. For easy navigation, it is suggested to use the Jet Menu plugin integrated into the template. In JetElements plugin you can find a truly complete package of modules. All you need to do to get all the modules is to install the JetElements plugin. It includes almost everything: from WooCommerce integration modules to pricing tables, carousels, animated boxes, and countdown timers. JetBlog allows you to create a magazine-style layout for the effective visual impact on users.

Just take into your field of vision a combination of three words: WordPress + Elementor + JetElements - and work wonders!

Final words

I hope, you will admit now that ONE subscription system has really everything to create a website and more for web design. Don’t be afraid to experiment and learn something new. Remember that it is a subscription service and if you don’t find anything for you there, you can always unsubscribe and return your money back. Also, if you have some questions, feel free to leave a comment.

I wish you lots of inspiration and good luck.

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