In dramatic fashion, Facebook has freed its React (reactJS) library and its GraphQL library from its once unfriendly and unloved model and is not licensed under the MIT license model. This in essence allows for future progress of the tools along with allowing developers to to use these libraries to better their products without violating their license agreement with the library. But some may ask, what does this mean for me?


If you’re a web designer looking for a unique user experience, React is a great platform to embrace and can change your product's impact. This also can apply to your company or products’ next website, interactive tool or admin panel. Really the React interface and be applicable to most modern-day sites.


You may be wondering why this would be a topic on a bootstrap site. Well since the license change of React, templates are now being introduced that use and embrace the React JS framework. Using these templates and altering them to fit your site needs and wants could be a quick and easy way to create a more user-friendly environment for your product visitors.


Another common question we’ve heard is what makes react good and why should I use it on my next project. Here are the top 3 reasons in our book for why you should consider the ReactJS framework:


1.     React is extremely efficient and makes JavaScript easier. Between its Syntax JSX, the user of components and its flexibility, the ease of use factor is very high.


2.     SEO is finally possible with JavaScript. Typically speaking SEO and JavaScript have been taboo topics for some time now. Not anymore with React! Using React will present pages to browsers making them SEO friendly saving you both time and workarounds!


3.     FACEBOOK! – One of the most influential and impactful platforms are behind React. Simply having their engineers and brains be a process of the framework has pushed this platform to where it is today and it will continue to evolve as time goes on. With their involvement and attention to simplistic feature set really make this more desirable.


When you think about it, whether the user of your site is your customer, you or unknown, the user experience is important and can’t be forgotten about. With React moving to the MIT license, this really opens up a great avenue for developers to take their products to the next level.


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