Novi Page Builder: Review, Major Features, Price, Pros & Cost Explained

Novi Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that is intended to be used for quick and easy modification of HTML-based websites. This is an advanced editing instrument that is enhanced with a rich selection of customization tools that are intended to be used by both beginner and experienced webmasters. One of the best things about the website builder is the possibility to access an impressive selection of website templates and plugins that can become vital elements of your future site.

Novi - Fit-Them-All Solution

One of the most notable features of Novi builder is its drag-and-drop dashboard. It delivers seamless page editing experience while you work in the intuitive visual mode and watch results of the layout modification in real time. The page builder grows and gets enhanced with new cool features regularly.

In addition to the advanced drag-and-drop functionality, Novi also lets you modify its source code just the way you require. This is the feature that will be mostly mostiated by experienced webmasters. However, this is one of the major elements making Novi worthy of your special attention.

You will be able to create unique and functional layouts with Novi all by yourself even if you have little to no coding background at all. It’s easy to use thanks to a range of pre-made blocks that are ready for code-free modification. Novi also delivers a bunch of handy plugins, visual elements, and other innovative features that both non-techies and experienced webmasters will enjoy working with.

With a growing demand in using Novi Builder and HTML themes for website creating, it’s essential to make a clear statement about the major reasons making Novi the preferred solution among thousands of HTML developers.

Novi Builder Review

With all that being said, let’s review the basic functionality of Novi Builder and discover the major benefits of building HTML sites on its basis.

Simple Website Building

If you’ve ever tried working with page builders and compare your previous experience with using Novi Page Builder, then you will notice how much easier and quicker to modify web pages and build custom layouts with its help. As a rule, you need to have some technical background in order to bring changes to the structure and content filling of your site. The situation is absolutely different with Novi Builder.Novi Builder Editor


By means of traditional file managers or FTP, it’s made impressively quickly and easy to upload HTML-based websites. Additionally, such web projects are less damaging in terms of hosting facilities. They are remarkable for faster loading speeds and easy management owing to the integration with solutions like Novi builder. The latter, in its turn, comes loaded with a number of site editing modes that facilitate the way you build your site and deliver a personalized touch to its layout. Thus, Novi Builder lets you work with:


  • Editor Design Mode. Novi provides you with the freedom to select between source code editing and visual page modification by means of an intuitive dashboard. It’s up to you to decide which solution will help you handle your website easier and more efficiently. You can make a switch between the two modes with just one click.
  • Simple Edit Mode. Use this one if you do not have any special technical knowledge. All that you need to do here is to pick the right template and start editing it by means of the drag-and-drop functionality. A simple control panel and an intuitive dashboard let you add a unique touch to your HTML site as you tap on the necessary buttons to add/edit/remove blocks, sliders, widgets, layers, photo galleries, sliders, etc.
  • Preview Mode. Do not forget to preview the results of your customization work before your web page launches.
  • Advanced Page Manager. The mode will come in handy to you whenever you need to create a new web page for your site and manage it according to your preferences. The page builder delivers all tools and extensions that are needed to add new actions to a web page, replace or delete it.


By means of Novi page builder, you can play around with different ways of content organization and modification on your website. Whatever sort of data you add to your site, the page builder will keep it on their own server. And even though Novi was primarily intended to be used by beginners, now it includes a bunch of tools that will be appreciated by expert webmaster as well.


Novi Functionality

Novi Builder comes enhanced with the most advanced functionality that you may expect to find inside HTML drag-and-drop page builders. It provides you with all essentials that you may be searching for when you need to build any sort of a topic-specific website. In fact, while selecting a proper ready-made theme for your future venture, you can finish your work in just a few hours after the start. All that you will need to do is to update your web page with your own content and apply a few minor modifications in order to make it match your branded look.


In order to take your first steps in site creation, you can make use of the basic free HTML templates. All of the latest HTML releases are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible solutions that guarantee that all elements of your site will look simply stunning on all devices and web browsers. Novi Builder lets you access a gallery of 40+ free templates that are ready to be used for a number of topics, including small business, non-profit organizations, medical, maintenance services, etc.


Novi Builder Templates


In order to let you enhance your web page will all essential functionality without the need to search for any kind of third-party extensions, Novi provides you with access to a pack of free plugins. You’ll be provided with MailChimp, Google Maps, Social Media Buttons, Countdowns, and a number of other useful extensions that allow you to update your site with any kind of functionality that may come to your liking.


In order to make it more convenient for professional webmasters to work with Novi-based HTML sites, the page builder includes the CSS, HTML and JS editor. With its help, you can customize any page of your site or a particular block of your site’s layout, thus delivering a fully customized presentation to your web resource.


Novi Builder Code Editor


While using Novi Builder, you may rest assured that you will be able to adjust your website in accordance with all the latest SEO requirements. Just navigate to the settings section in the dashboard and start working with keywords and meta tags of your site. Additionally, you will notice fast page loading speeds, which automatically grows the chances that your site will have higher rankings in search engines, as well as low bounce rates.



Novi Builder SEO


Novi Builder and all templates from its gallery are delivered with regular monthly updates. This guarantees that your site will be using the latest and most competitive technologies, as well as remain protected from the malware of any kind.



Premade Themes


With the help of Novi Builder and pre-designed Novi themes, you can create fully-fledged web pages of different styles and matching a range of topics. Thanks to the possibility to edit the source code of Novi Themes, as well as the opportunity to work with a visual editor, web designers may feel free to implement a variety of UX/UI features into their web projects and deliver truly eye-catching presentation to their digital works.


Premade Novi themes come loaded with a number of tools and features that will help you establish a professional presentation to your website. This includes:


  • Open-source templates provide you with literally endless customization capabilities. All Novi templates include pre-built website layout, custom sections, blocks, and arrays of plugins that will help you deliver the expected performance to your site.
  • You can edit Novi templates by means of the advanced WYSIWYG editor, which reveals all results of your site’s customization in real time.
  • For expert webmasters, Novi templates deliver the possibility to access the Design Mode and work with the source code of the chosen premade theme.
  • You can also preview the way your content will be displayed on different screens using the Change Resolution feature. With its help, you can preview your site on smartphone, tablet, and desktop FULL HD screens.




Number of Themes:


Free Themes


Industry-specific designs:




Source Code Editing:




Support & Guides

Novi team has taken care to provide you with efficient support during your work with the page builder.


  • Extensive documentation is free to access. It contains step-by-step guides and how-to video tutorials revealing how the page builder is structured and how you can work with its features.
  • You can submit a ticket in order to receive detailed instructions and professional help in any issue that you faced.
  • You can also join Novi Community on Facebook and get in touch with both Novi developers and regular webmasters working with the page builder.



Novi Membership & Pricing


You can access the drag-and-drop page builder alongside with Novi-based HTML themes, plugins,

With the Ultimate Novi Membership, you can access:


  • An ever-growing collection of topic-specific web themes that are compatible with Novi drag-and-drop functionality. New Novi-empowered website templates are delivered monthly at no cost.
  • A bunch of awesome Novi plugins, including Swiper Slider, Social Plugins, Owl Carousel, Campaign Monitor, Vide JS Plugin, and others.
  • Regular functionality updates.
  • Unlimited template usage for multiple purposes.
  • Helpful documentation.


As per the membership cost, Novi provides truly affordable plans for different purposes. The cost of the membership is as low as the price of a regular HTML template, however you are provided with more than just one regular web theme. Just compare:








(billed annually)


(billed annually)

$149/one time

  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Multipurpose HTML template
  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 20+ HTML templates


  • Lifetime access to Novi visual HTML editor
  • Lifetime access to Novi plugins
  • Lifetime unlimited projects
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Lifetime developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all Novi templates

Final Words

Novi Builder is an innovative solution that allows both expert webmaster and beginners to create awesome HTML sites. Thanks to the availability of a visual builder and source code editor, you are given the complete freedom to work with your future web project in the most appropriate style. It’s up to you to decide if you would like to modify your site’s structure code-free or take care of the HTML and CSS elements. You can make a switch between page editors with just one click. Additionally, the page builder is delivered with a bunch of handy functions, extensions, premade elements, and other components that will help you bring the fully customized look and feel to your web resource.

The page builder is certainly worth a try. It’s avid that it has more advantages than drawbacks. However. Let’s makes a clear statement about Novi Builder Pros & Cons.






Live chat is missing


Can be somewhat difficult to manage for absolute newbies

Free designs and plugins


Free updates


Unlimited projects




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