You have a site or product you’ve been working on that solves a business problem for your organization and you want to offer it to others. You want to bundle it into a Software as a Service (SaaS) package but you’re stuck on what data you should care about? This is a common struggling point for a lot of great products and developers. These Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data points can be critically important to the success or failure of a product because of time inefficiencies created when data isn’t tracked properly.


There are plenty of great bootstrap admin dashboards that can be tailored to your data points to track your KPI automatically to allow you to free up time so you can focus on more important things that matter to growing your business. Here are some very standard KPI data points that are in all of our projects:


  • Active Subscribers - This is an obvious one. You will need to know how many subscribers you have at all times. Happy active subscribers means your product is growing and can focus on other efforts to keep growing. A downward trend of active users can mean a few things, perhaps your product has some flaws or the user experience isn’t quite what you think it is. In any case, Active subscribers should be on all bootstrap admin dashboards.

  • Trial accounts - Knowing how many trial accounts is another VERY important KPI that should be on your dashboard and also tied to your marketing campaigns. You want to stay actively engaged to your trial customers to make sure they convert to paid membership when the time comes.

  • Revenue - Making money is an important factor for offering your product to others. Making revenue a KPI on the dashboard to know how much you’ve made this month along with being able to date range the data is incredibly powerful to detect trends and keep an eye on your growth.

  • Site interest - Google analytics is such an important tool to knowing your visitor behavior. Site interest involves exactly that. It’s important to know how many people visited your sites ordering page but never actually signed up for a plan. Why didn’t they sign up? What is your site lacking to getting them to commit to your SaaS model. Perhaps the bootstrap template you used for your landing page needs to be tweaked. Having the Site interest number that can be adjusted based on daily, weekly or any date range can really tell a story about your conversion rates of your customer base. Some may argue this is just a number, but the fact remains that once this number could tip you off to look into Google Analytics behavior mapping to try and draw some conclusions on where your visitors are clicking and not clicking.

  • User Activity - Having active subscribers generates the revenue however having ACTIVE USERS matters far more especially for new products that have a lot of competition. What happens to a user that isn’t active? They will eventually cancel their subscription because they don’t need it, don’t find it beneficial, or forgot they had it. The User Activity KPI is a great indicator at times that you may need to give your users a little nudge that the product is hear for them to use and how they can get in touch if they are having issues.

  • Open Support Tickets - Wait, I’m supposed to have a support system for my product? Absolutely! Support systems give the end user a sense that this company or product cares about my experience and is here to address my needs if anything comes up. Yes you may be a one man team working on your dream project on your free time and feel that supporting people may be a daunting task and honestly speaking, IT IS. However, it is incredibly important to be there for your customers. Putting the total number of open support tickets in your dashboard is a GREAT idea so that every time you log into the dashboard you see it to remind yourself to respond to those emails that are sitting in your inbox.  


These KPI’s are important to the success of your product and freeing up your time to work the business. Choosing the right Bootstrap admin template is also very important because integrating these KPI’s into a user friendly dashboard is almost as valuable as the product you have to offer! Instead of having to worry about building the framework of the dashboard these Bootstrap admin templates are already setup for you to integrate your data.



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